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Taking Tethering Laws Local - Breakin...

Apart from a few Texas lawmakers most people agree tethering animals outdoors without basic protections from weather, and without adequate care and exercise, is inhumane.

And while states around the country work to pass their own versions of inhuma...

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A Parked Car Can Become An Oven in Mi...

LA’s City Attorney told reporters recently that charges, fines, and jail time were a possibility for people leaving their animals in a parked car in the heat.

"The facts are so clear: It takes just 15 minutes for an animal to suffer brain damage when temperatures soar on a hot summer day in a parked vehicle," he said. "Cracki...

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Animal Welfare Advocates Praise New Law

Our state’s second-largest newspaper didn’t just write a wonderful article about the animal cruelty bill we passed in the Legislature this session. The Houston Chronicle named THLN in the second paragraph of this story as the organization whose work with DA offices across Texas resulted in the passage of the bill!


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Training can improve dog-officer enco...

“This was an outcome that no one wanted.” – Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau on the shooting of two emotional support dogs.

This past weekend in Minneapolis, a police officer responding to a home security alarm entered the backyard of the LeMay household and shot the family’s two dogs, Ciroc an...

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Know and share the "five-second rule"

It's summer and Texas is HOT.

We love this tip for testing the pavement when walking your dogs, courtesy of the Moon Valley Canine Training Center in Sonoma, Calif.

The five-second rule

Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can't keep it there for five seconds, it's too hot to wa...

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Star Telegram Shares the News on SB 762!

On July 7th (online) and July 9th the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Anna Tinsley blogged about our success this session for animals! 

As Anna shared:

"Don’t mess with Texas animals.

That’s the message state lawmakers sent when they passed — and Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law — a mea...

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How Did Our Animals Fare in the 85th ...

Sunday marked the last day Governor Abbott could sign or veto a bill, and as you may have heard, Senate Bill 762 - our bill to address violent animal cruelty - was signed!

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Texas Governor Signs Cruelty Bill!


Governor Signs Bill to Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws: SB 762 Will Increase Punishment for Offenses Such as Torture, Killing and Poisoning

Austin, TX (June 10, 2017) – Last night, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation that would increase the punishment for ...

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UPDATE on SB 762 - Animal Cruelty Bill!

SB 762, our bill to increase penalties for the most violent acts of animal cruelty, passed the legislature Sunday night and was sent to the Governor today! Please contact Governor Abbott today and ask that he sign SB 762 into law! His contact form is located at: Read More Share