Your Vote Counts This Summer!

Updated Jul 21, 2020

Update: The Results Are In!

Thanks for supporting us with your vote! The primary runoffs are over, and here’s how our endorsements did:

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. (District 27) - WON

Representative Eddie Rodriguez (District 14) - up for another runoff

Representative Roland Gutierrez (District 19) - WON

Justin Berry (District 47) - WON

Steve Hendrix (Van Zandt County Sheriff) - WON

This is the power of your vote! With these elected officials representing the voices of Texas animals in need, we can continue making changes for animals on the Capitol floor. You have shown us how much you care about animal issues in Texas, and we cannot thank you enough for supporting THLN’s endorsements in these primary runoff elections. Let’s keep up the animal-loving energy in the upcoming legislative session and legislate their fate together! 

Jun 26, 2020

Here at the Texas Humane Legislation Network, we are in the business of making Texas a more humane state for animals through legislation. A huge part of seeing change happen for animals is getting bills passed on the floor, and for that to happen, we need dedicated lawmakers in our corner. That’s why we endorse these candidates for the upcoming primary runoff elections. Since you care deeply about protecting animals and ending animal cruelty in Texas, we encourage you to get out there and vote for these candidates.


Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. for Senate District 27. Senator Lucio, Jr. has been a champion for animal welfare bills at the Capitol since he was sworn in. Not only has he voted in support of animal welfare bills but has authored many bills to make Texas a more humane state, including a law that strengthened the cock fighting penalties. For the past two sessions, he authored THLN’s Adequate Shelter & Restraint Bill in the Senate and we believe he will continue to be a great force for humane legislation in the Capitol.




Representative Eddie Rodriguez for Senate District 14. He has represented his Austin animal loving constituents’ voices consistently throughout his time at the Capitol. He authored a bill that called for antifreeze and engine coolant manufacturers to add bittering agents to keep our children and animals safe and supported strengthening animal cruelty laws across the board. Representative Rodriguez has proven himself a strong advocate for animals at the legislative level and would add that voice to the Senate.




Representative Roland Gutierrez for Senate District 19. He gets our endorsement, too, as he has had an excellent reputation for supporting humane legislation in the Capitol. He has voted for bills protecting citizens who help animals in distress from civil liability, preventing long stays at the shelter for animals seized in animal cruelty cases, and regulating the licensing and inspection of dog and cat breeders, among others. Representative Gutierrez would make an excellent humane addition to the Senate. 



THLN is also endorsing the following new candidates for their pre-election pledges and commitment to animal issues: Justin Berry for House District 47 and Steve Hendrix for Van Zandt County Sheriff.

Click here to watch our Junior Advocates thanking Senator Lucio, Jr. for all of his support of humane legislation!

THLN believes in these endorsements as they have matched and/or exceeded the following criteria: a good overall voting record and platform; great performance on animal protection issues as an incumbent; good prospects for mounting a credible, competitive campaign; and a strong previous animal welfare record at the local level. You can learn more about these criteria and previous legislative successes here.

Using these criteria and our endorsements as a guide, your vote can help us keep making legislative changes that benefit animals in the state of Texas. Here are the important dates you need to know:

June 29, 2020 - early voting opens for the primary runoff elections

July 2, 2020 - last day to apply to vote by mail

July 10, 2020 - early voting ends

July 14, 2020 - 2020 Primary Runoff Election

July 14, 2020 - 2020 Special Election for Senate District 14

We know animal protection issues in Texas are important to you, and when the time comes this summer, we would love to have your support in our corner by voting for these candidates.

Let’s vote for a more humane Texas together!

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