Remember Us in Your Will

What Makes Texas Humane Legislation Network Different from Other Non-Profit Groups?

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is a 501c4 non-profit. Our special designation under the IRS code specifically allows us to lobby the government for stronger animal protection laws. There are many amazing 501c3 organizations on the ground taking care of individual animals – many of them found in heartbreaking conditions because they lack legal protections. Here at THLN we are the only Texas-based non-profit whose IRS designation allows us to hire government relations experts and implement strategies aimed at changing the very laws which allow pets and other animals to be so mistreated. We envision a day when Texas leads the way in animal rights legislation, but our IRS designation also prevents us from receiving many of the grants and other funding opportunities which are available to 501c3 groups. So, in order to reach this goal, we need the help of supporters such as yourself.

giving-paws.jpgProviding a Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves

THLN believes that animals deserve a voice at our state’s capital and so we speak for them. If you are ready to join your voice to ours in a powerful way, please consider including THLN in your charitable estate planning. Remembering THLN in your will, trust, or other bequest is a meaningful way to impact the lives of animals right here in Texas for years to come. Through the work of our staff and volunteers, your gift becomes a legacy with exponential effects.

A Lasting Legacy of Change

At THLN, we pledge to continue to lobby our legislators for stronger statewide laws that protect animals while working toward humane treatment for all animals. This vital work would not exist without the many passionate Texans who fund these legislative efforts. If you are ready to include THLN in your bequests, please include a provision in your will, trust, or other estate document which includes the organization’s full name and Tax Identification Number – Texas Humane Legislation Network, TIN 75-2236932.


Remember, a bequest costs you nothing right now and can be modified in the future if your circumstances or wishes change. Email Shelby at [email protected] for information on our vision and current legislative priorities. You can also reach THLN at 1-888-548-6263.