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    Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is the only Texas-based organization focused on addressing unjust state animal welfare laws. We at the Texas Humane Legislation Network - a 501c4 - are working to stop animal cruelty and abuse before it starts. 

    Our IRS status as a 501c4 allows us to be political animal advocates, by lobbying and working with our representatives to fix our lenient animal cruelty laws.  While there are *thousands* of 501c3s in Texas formed to help animals, they are *VERY* limited in how much they can lobby, and are outright prohibited from participating in any partisan activities. 

  • Second Puppy Mill


    Letter Being Sent on Your Behalf

    Dear Representative,

    I am a constituent writing to ask you to support the Safe Outdoor Dogs bill (HB 873/SB 474) and ensure dogs are kept safe while restrained outdoors – safe for them and safe for us.

    Dogs that are inhumanely tied up can be hurt or killed and can also pose a public safety threat to the unsuspecting public around them. The bill establishes a basic standard of shelter and care for restrained outdoor dogs and provides much-needed clarification to the current law so it can function as lawmakers intended. Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) improves the current law by: 

    • Defining adequate shelter to protect dogs from extreme temperatures, standing water, and ensure the dog can stand, turn around, and lie down.
    • Requiring access to water.
    • Prohibiting the use of heavy chain restraints, which cause injury and aggravate the dog.
    • Striking the mandatory 24-hour waiting period to allow law enforcement to address critical and dangerous situations immediately.

    Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) also includes key exemptions to protect Texas dog owners' freedoms. The bill does not include these requirements for dogs performing herding, farming, or hunting activities, those in public places including campsites, and while temporarily unattended in a stationary, open-air truck bed. 

    As we, unfortunately, saw during this year’s winter storm, many dogs died; this legislation could have saved that, and many more could die as we approach hot summer months. I ask that you join us, along with hundreds of animal control officers, shelter managers, and prosecutors in Texas, to support Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) and protect Texas dogs and the people around them.  

    Thank you for your service to this district and the state of Texas!

  • In A Victory For Animal Welfare, The Texas Sunset Commission Votes To Maintain The Licensed Breeders Program

    Jan 13, 2021

    THLN helped to establish the Program in 2011, which has been instrumental in preventing puppy mill practices.

    Austin, Texas – Today, the Texas Sunset Commission voted to maintain the Licensed Breeders Program under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation after a prolonged and challenging review cycle due to COVID-19.

    Over the past few months, the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) ran a letter-writing campaign to raise awareness about the Program. By the time the vote was taken, Texans had sent over 8,700 letters to legislators in support of the Program.

    “Maintaining the Licensed Breeders Program is a huge win for animals and consumers across Texas,” said Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director of the THLN. “The Program is essential to stopping cruel and unethical puppy mill practices and it will be allowed to continue thanks to the members of the Sunset Commission.”

    In 2011, THLN helped establish and implement the Licensed Breeders Program to provide state oversight on breeders in Texas, many of whom operate outside of broad USDA regulations. The Program establishes basic standards of care in large-scale breeding facilities and prevents animal cruelty by allowing the state to inspect breeding facilities before opening and to conduct out-of-cycle inspections. The Program also prevents bad actors with animal cruelty charges from legally running a commercial breeding operation.

    “We are so thankful for all of the people who took action in support of the Licensed Breeders Program,” said Bobosky. “Our advocates’ efforts undoubtedly helped save the Program, and the lives of thousands of animals in the process.”

    For more information on THLN's work to maintain the Texas Licensed Breeders Program or to schedule an interview with THLN, please contact Cara Gustafson at 561-797-8267 or [email protected]



    January 13, 2021

    Cara Gustafson
    [email protected]
    (561) 797-8267

  • Webinar Wednesday: A Deep Dive into Texas Animal Bills

    PRESENTER: Jaime Olin

    With so many bills filed each session, it can be difficult to know which ones really matter, and how they will impact Texas animals if passed. This webinar will explore several key pieces of legislation that will be at the Capitol in 2021, including the Safe Outdoor Dogs bill, the Licensed Breeders Program, the Working Animals bill, and the Possession Ban bill. We’ll talk about the details and importance of each bill, the implications to animals, and answer any of your questions so you’ll be armed with all the relevant information as we make our way into the Session.

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    February 28, 2029 at 12:00pm

  • The ABC's of Texas Puppy Mills

    Check out this webinar to hear from Mindi Callison, Executive Director, of Bailing Out Benji. Mindi will discuss all things puppy mills and focus on the ABCs of puppy mills, why regulating puppy mills is important, and why Texas is unique in terms of selling puppies from puppy mills in other states. Learn what we need to do now as advocates to help protect dogs currently in large-scale breeding facilities in Texas.

    Mindi Callison is the Founder and Executive Director of the National nonprofit organization, Bailing Out Benji which focuses on the grassroots effort to combat the puppy mill industry. Mindi founded Bailing Out Benji at 21 years old after falling victim to the puppy mill industry by way of a local pet store, which offered her a credit card with high interest. Upon learning about the pet store/puppy mill connection and learning about the predatory lending practices that these stores utilize to take advantage of low-income families, Mindi knew that she needed to act. Bailing Out Benji and its research has been instrumental in passing humane ordinances across the country, they have also been one of the driving forces behind exposing the national puppy laundering scheme that is currently happening in numerous states.

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    March 17, 2029 at 5:00pm

  • How to Keep People & their Pets Together as the COVID-19 Crisis Deepens

    As the country continues to suffer the effects of COVID-19, the animal welfare field is evolving the way we respond to crises and offer community support. Housing insecurity, although not new, has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Learn about how the animal welfare community is responding to the eviction crisis and how you can get involved to help keep people and their pets together. 

    Special guest, Lauren Loney, Texas State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, discusses how to keep people and their pets together as the COVID crisis deepens.

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    March 01, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Service & Emotional Support Animals: the Dos and Don’ts on Animal Accommodation Laws for Texas Cities

    Under Texas law and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities may bring their service animals to all public accommodations, such as government buildings, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and stores. These laws also require those who operate transportation services to allow service animals. But recent trends show confusion with emotional support animals and the varying definitions.

    Animal Law Expert and Animal Lawyer Randy Turner will present on service animals and emotional support animals as defined by federal laws and supporting state laws. This one hour webinar will examine how cities and municipalities can follow federal and state laws in accordance with handling these animals and how to avoid the pitfalls in applying these laws in their own cities.

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    April 01, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Texas Civil Seizure Law for Animals: Texas' Best Kept Secret

    Under Texas law, animals seized as evidence under the Texas Penal Code may be held for long periods of time while the arrested violator’s criminal trial makes its way through the justice system. Many don't know about the civil seizure law wherein abused animals can be seized under the Texas Health and Safety Code, which carries less of a burden of proof, no arrest, and allows the animals' disposition within a ten-day period, pending any appeals. In this webinar, learn all about the Texas civil seizure law, when to use it and how it is a great alternative in removing cruelly treated animals. 

    Animal lawyer and animal law expert Lara Tomlin is an appellate attorney at the Denton County District Attorney's office. She is board certified in Criminal Appellate Law and handles animal-related cases, including seizure hearings for cruelly treated animals. She has also served on the Denton Animal Support Foundation board of directors, an organization that supports the Denton Animal Shelter. 

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    April 01, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Texas Puppy Mills: Saving the Program that Regulates Large-Scale Breeders

    THLN Executive Director, Shelby Bobosky, along with special guests Jaime Olin, THLN Legislative Chair, Monica Ailey, AIR President, and Lauren Loney, HSUS Texas State Director discuss navigating the legal landscape of large-scale breeding facilities in Texas. This webinar will include basic information on puppy mills, what led to the passage of the Texas Dog & Cat Breeder Act, and how you can help preserve it. 

    Whether you simply want to educate yourself on puppy mills or understand the Breeders Program better, THLN needs your help to achieve justice for dogs and cats in large-scale breeding facilities!

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    May 01, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Your Vote Counts This Summer!

    Updated Jul 21, 2020

    Update: The Results Are In!

    Thanks for supporting us with your vote! The primary runoffs are over, and here’s how our endorsements did:

    Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. (District 27) - WON

    Representative Eddie Rodriguez (District 14) - up for another runoff

    Representative Roland Gutierrez (District 19) - WON

    Justin Berry (District 47) - WON

    Steve Hendrix (Van Zandt County Sheriff) - WON

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  • Helping Texas Pets & Their People by Recognizing the Link

    Incidents of interpersonal violence are reportedly rising as a disturbing consequence of stay-at home orders and recommendations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In this "Introduction to the Link" webinar, special guest Felicia Kerney, Chief of the Community Prosecution Unit, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, will be discussing the Link and understanding of the dynamic connection between animal abuse and the cycle of family and societal violence while looking at real Texas cases.  We will also dissect how animal abuse interfaces with child, domestic and elder abuse. 

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    June 30, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Texas Lobbying 101 - Getting Political for Animals!

    Grassroots lobbying is one of the most effective ways for animal advocates to help pass animal welfare legislation! 

    Any animal lover can play a critical role in educating legislators on the animal protection issues impacting their communities.  This interactive "Introduction to Lobbying" workshop will show how anyone can be a powerful voice for animals during the 2023 legislative session.

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    June 01, 2029 at 6:00pm

  • Animal Cruelty Awareness Month

    Apr 29, 2020

    The Lone Star State Has Made Major Strides in Preventing Animal Cruelty.

    “When I was a thoughtless boy, I took the life of a mother bird. I remember my father was greatly grieved and said, ‘Millard, do you realize what you have done? You have taken the life of a mother and have left her children to die of starvation in the nest. How would you like to have a great giant come along and kill your father and mother and leave you alone without food or care?‘ My father’s rebuke sank so deeply into my heart that since that day I never have taken the life of a living creature.”

    -Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States

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  • How COVID-19 is Affecting Texas Animals

    THLN has been inundated with questions surrounding COVD-19 so we decided to bring the experts to you.  We are proud to host this FREE webinar entitled, "How COVID-19 is Affecting Texas Animals". This webinar is a Q & A styled informal discussion with the following representatives: past President and President-elect of the Texas Animal Control Association (both of whom are urban and rural shelter directors), a shelter veterinarian, a non-profit humane society and an animal emergency and response team.

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    May 01, 2030 at 6:00pm

  • Calling all young animal advocates...Let's Get Political for Animals!

    Do you want your child to know more about the legislative process while teaching kindness and empathy? THLN is proud to host this FREE webinar entitled, "How Kids Can Get Political for Animals!This webinar will discuss laws that protect animals in Texas including local ordinances, how a bill becomes a law and the current bill we are working to pass that gives basic shelter to dogs that live outside.  If you are interested in teaching your child advocacy, how to use his or her voice for others who have none and raising a humane child in challenging times, this is the perfect webinar. 

    The lesson is one hour designed specifically for kids ages 9-13. 

    We use a cross-discipline approach that combines social studies, politics, writing, and advocacy.  Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations to each other. Character training along these lines will result in more humane and law abiding men and women of broader sympathies.  We'll conclude by asking your child to write a letter to their State Representative and/or State Senator.  These letters will be shared on our social media so your child's compassion and advocacy can be seen and appreciated by animal advocates across the state. 

    Please note:  We will talk about animal cruelty.  Please trust your own judgement as to how your child will manage this.  We seek to teach and discuss, and certainly not to traumatize.

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    April 30, 2031 at 6:00pm

  • You can help make Texas a safer place for animals by spending just a few minutes of your time during the legislative session. By signing up for THLN's Action Alerts and responding to them with calls and faxes to your legislators, you can help pass humane legislation that make a huge difference to animals in the state of Texas. Every phone call and fax helps!

    Simply provide your information below and select how you want to stay in touch with us. Please check your email program to make sure your spam filters allow emails from the Texas Humane Legislation Network website.

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