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Letter Being Sent on Your Behalf

Dear Representative,

I am a constituent writing to ask you to support the Safe Outdoor Dogs bill (HB 873/SB 474) and ensure dogs are kept safe while restrained outdoors – safe for them and safe for us.

Dogs that are inhumanely tied up can be hurt or killed and can also pose a public safety threat to the unsuspecting public around them. The bill establishes a basic standard of shelter and care for restrained outdoor dogs and provides much-needed clarification to the current law so it can function as lawmakers intended. Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) improves the current law by: 

  • Defining adequate shelter to protect dogs from extreme temperatures, standing water, and ensure the dog can stand, turn around, and lie down.
  • Requiring access to water.
  • Prohibiting the use of heavy chain restraints, which cause injury and aggravate the dog.
  • Striking the mandatory 24-hour waiting period to allow law enforcement to address critical and dangerous situations immediately.

Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) also includes key exemptions to protect Texas dog owners' freedoms. The bill does not include these requirements for dogs performing herding, farming, or hunting activities, those in public places including campsites, and while temporarily unattended in a stationary, open-air truck bed. 

As we, unfortunately, saw during this year’s winter storm, many dogs died; this legislation could have saved that, and many more could die as we approach hot summer months. I ask that you join us, along with hundreds of animal control officers, shelter managers, and prosecutors in Texas, to support Safe Outdoor Dogs (HB 873/SB 474) and protect Texas dogs and the people around them.  

Thank you for your service to this district and the state of Texas!

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