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Latest News

"This Is Why I'm Here"

Shana Best did not set out to kidnap Bosco when she entered her boss’s home on a February day in 2015.

“I wasn’t supposed to be there,” she told THLN.

She had only been working for Craig Tobler and his organization, Owner’s Pride Companion Animals in Lockhart, for a couple of weeks when she decided to search Tobler’s h...

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Animals under attack in Farm Bill

Please tell your legislators to support provisions that will safeguard—not undermine—critical animal protections!

Animal welfare is under attack in the House 2018 Farm Bill, but you can help NOW by contacting your representatives and senators—by phone, email or letter.

Ask your senators and representat...

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THLN Director Receives National Anima...

Dallas lawyer and THLN board member Yolanda Eisenstein was honored this month in Chicago at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting with the annual "Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award,” recognizing her exceptional commitment and leadership in advancing the humane treatment of animals through the law.

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THLN Rocks the Vote! Join us!

As a THLN supporter, you already know we are a volunteer-driven, donation-supported organization that relies on the generosity of animal lovers to fund our work.

While recurring and one-time donors are important, our annual gala provides a significant portion of the proceeds we need to break the chains of thousands of dogs, f...

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Why we fight: Ryder's story

“His coat is faded, his ears burned from a life outside. He was found roaming with this chain and padlock around his neck. The chain, embedded into his neck. He was not a pet nor a family member. He was a prisoner.”

These are the words o...

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Hundreds Lobby for Animals

If there’s one thing that inspires us at THLN, it’s the passion -- and compassion -- of our supporters.

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The Tethering Bill that Failed Last S...

As the temperatures rise across Texas, the number of animals who are dying because of extreme heat and lack of adequate shelter is also climbing.

We’re hearing horror stories from McAllen to Abilene to Lubbock. Animals are being left outdoors, on chains, without sufficient shade and water, and they are suffering cruel deaths ...

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Help end dog chaining in Texas now!

Friends: While July 4th is a celebration of our freedom for most of us, for thousands of Texas dogs, it was just another day in chains.

Some of you may remember my story about Red, whose chains I carry with me at all times to remind me about the vulnerable lives we are fighting for. But now, let me tell you about Rocko: Rocko...

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Guest Blog: Seeking Justice for Repub...

Republic was a starving and gravely ill dog whose owner, Donna E. Hubbard, tried to dump on the side of the road. Concerned citizens saw the crime, confronted Hubbard, and begged her to take Republic to a shelter. They also filmed the entire interaction. On the video, Hubbard grudgingly agreed, tossed Republic's lifeless body into t...

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Meet THLN’s Newest Team Member: Caitl...

Caitlin Dempsey has always had a strong passion for animals and their welfare.

“When I was younger, if I saw an animal on the side of the road, I’d insist my family drop everything and do whatever we could to help,” she recalls. "To this day I continue to volunteer to help animals in need."

In her new role as THLN’s ou...

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