What is the Humane Library Project?

The goal of THLN’s Humane Library Project is to source the best literature for children and young adults on animal welfare and then donate these books to Texas school districts that have high instances of abuse and neglect to help them learn about animals and to develop empathy. An important lesson in empathy is that animals are living beings and should be treated with respect and compassion. Teaching children how to care for animals correctly, with love and care, is a great way for our young people to develop empathy and prepare to be amazing pet owners in the future.  The impact of this project is far-reaching.  Empathy promotes moral intelligence and morally intelligent people make decisions that benefit not only themselves, but also the people around them.

CLICK HERE for a list of recommended books for your own Humane Library at home! 

Interested in donating toward a Humane Library? The deadline for donations is August 1, 2020 so the books may be ordered and ready for the students at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.


Humane Library Project News & Events

Texas Humane Legislation Network Donates "Humane Libraries" to 10 Dallas-Area Elementary Schools

DALLAS – December 15, 2017 - The Texas Humane Legislation Network today announced it will be donating “humane libraries” this holiday season to 10 Dallas Independent School District elementary schools.

IMG_6206.JPGAt a “Humane Library” dedication this morning at Dorsey Elementary School, THLN Board President Shelby Bobosky said her organization worked with DISD to identify under-served schools that generally had smaller libraries. The goal behind these libraries is to teach children about the humane treatment of animals.

“There is a well-documented link between childhood cruelty to animals and violent behavior as an adult,” said Bobosky. “Our hope is that humane treatment will lead to the development of empathy, which we know can be taught at a young age.”

Bobosky added that pet adoption rates can tend to be higher around the holidays, when children tend to ask for puppies and kittens. “We hope these books will help children of all ages learn that pets are forever, and the responsibilities of pet ownership are great.”

IMG_6209.JPGThe 10 elementary school library recipients are: William Anderson, John Ireland, Edward Titche, John Runyon, JQ Adams, AW Blanton, Julius Dorsey, William A. Blair, Richard Lagow, and Nancy Moseley.

THLN Executive Director Laura Donahue said the DISD donation of “humane libraries” is serving as a pilot program that could be expanded to other Texas cities and elementary schools in the future.

Book titles that are part of the humane library collections include “Are You Ready for Me?” and "The Forgotten Rabbit", books about pet ownership and its responsibilities, and “Buddy Unchained,” about a severely neglected dog who lives his life on a chain. The organization is delivering dozens of books to each of the 10 schools, and each collection contains a mix of picture books for younger children and chapter books and nonfiction books for older children.

“These libraries are intended to share stories about how to treat animals—don’t pull tails or tease, that sort of thing—but they also teach much more important life lessons about bullying, humanity, and our interconnectedness with all creatures,” Donahue added.

IMG_6212.JPGConfirmed attendees for the humane library dedication include: Daniel Clayton, chief of staff for Rep. Toni Rose; DISD Trustee Jaime Resendez; and THLN board president Shelby Bobosky and executive director Laura Donahue.

The Texas Humane Legislation Network endorses the following books to help teach children about the humane treatment of animals.  There is a well-documented link between childhood cruelty to animals and violent behavior as an adult and our hope is that humane treatment will lead to the development of empathy, which we know can be taught at a young age.  These books are a great gift for elementary school children in your life.