Kathleen Milacek

  • Thanks for all you do. This is a recurring monthly donation to keep up the good fight for the animals in Texas who don’t have a voice. Thank you also for ensuring that your meetings and annual conference are vegan nowdays, so no animals were harmed and so we don’t use our money to support the animal abusers in the factory farming industry. Thanks again! Kat

  • I called my rep, same one as Crystal Sand’s, Pat Fallon, and his Admin said she didn’t know where he stood on this bill. She first asked me if I was calling about the Tethering bill, and I told her “No, the animal cruelty statute revision”. She said she would check with him and get back with me on how he was going to vote on it. She said he was animal friendly, although she may have really meant pet friendly as I’m not sure how he has voted on past wildlife and livestock animal issues in the state of Texas where they have basically no rights.

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