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  • I am beyond grateful for Fern and Chip N Snip.
    I am angered by the fact that a 501c3 outreach that works in that area knew about her and did nothing but allowed her to suffer. One post on The 8th of Feb included many dogs and a statement regretted they did not take them to BARC sooner yet Milagro never left the property until April thanks to Fern.

    We need to enforce the laws we have on the books, I believe enforcement could spend a day out there and write many citations. When you are out there providing shelter, food, and water you kind of tie the hands of enforcement of the laws we have on the books.

    There is an apparent need for more animal enforcement officers… the outreach group claims enforcement Evers does anything in that community when they contact them.

    Run FREE Milagro!!

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