URGENT ACTION for chained dogs in Texas!

houston-pets.pngOur bill to help cruelly chained and tethered dogs in Texas is on the Senate floor! Please make the call for Senate Bill 1090 ASAP!
Imagine being chained 24/7 blazing heat, freezing ice, or sleeting rain. Thousands of dogs across the state only know life like this and many dogs die as a result of inhumane tetheringStrangulation, heat stroke, freezing to death, and inability to access food, water, or shelter are the most common causes.

Law enforcement and animal control officers can't help these dogs. Why? Because we currently have an ineffective and unenforceable statewide tethering law! THLN has been working with the Texas Legislature this session to come up with a solution that makes the current state tethering statute stronger and enforceable

Please call your State Senator's capitol office and ask the Senator to support SB 1090 to help tethered dogs.

  1. You can find your State Senator at this link: http://www.fyi.legis.texas.gov/Home.aspx
  2. Enter your address and select "Senate" under the drop down menu for "District Type." Please note you are calling your State Senator (not US Senator).

Please also send a quick email after you call reiterating your request. The following facts will be helpful in calling your representative's office:

  • This law fixes an existing statute so animal control officers and law enforcement officers can do their job and enforce the law. This statute has been unenforceable far too long – it’s time for a change.
  • SB 1090 ensures tethered dogs are done so in the safest and most humane manner as possible.
  • SB 1090 passed the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee UNANIMOUSLY last week.


You can read the Commonly Asked Questions on SB 1090 and access Fact Sheet here.

Texas dogs need your help!! Please make the call TODAY - and let us know what the Senator's office says!

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless.

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