I believe in humane treatment of all furbabies.

I support THLN because animals can't voice needs for themselves.  Humans should be humane towards animals.  Animals need us as well as we need them.

  • Q: What other ideas do you have?
    A: Outside of city limits tethering/no animal concerns. I live 6 miles east of a city & there are so many loose dogs, dumped dogs, no control over the humans that own the animals. The dogs/cats are left out in the elements. I have seen so many runners & deceased dogs/goats/calves/carcasses dumped on the side of the road. Sheriff can’t/won’t do anything.

    What are your top animal protection priorities for 2018?

    Thank you for participating in this 10 question survey! Many of these animal welfare issues were addressed in legislation that failed in the 2017 Texas session, and others represent areas of concern consistently reported by our stakeholders, partners and chapters. We know this is not a comprehensive list of all areas of crises for animals, and we welcome your feedback.

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I have been a volunteer with rescue since the early '90's. Currently I belong to Austin Pets Alive (2010), PAWS of Central Texas (2015) - Kyle, AL&FP (Austin Lost & Found Pets - 2017) street team & PALS-Prevent a Litter in San Marcos (newly j