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    Jack.jpgEvery year we receive hundreds of calls and emails about dogs left outside suffering in the extreme Texas weather. We know law enforcement, the media, and everyday Texans are sometimes helpless to do anything when they see a dog succumbing to a heat stroke.

    That’s partly because every jurisdiction in Texas handles these cases different. Why? Because we do not have a single definition of “adequate shelter” that everyone can use.

    If the horror stories of animals freezing to death or dying in the Texas heat haunt you, you can do something NOW.


    Sign our petition: tell Texas legislators dogs deserve adequate shelter.

    Passing our tethering bill next session will allow us to include a statewide definition of "adequate shelter" as a minimum standard of shelter that all pet owners should have to meet. Once we have this definition in place, local law enforcement and animal control officers will be able to act swiftly.

    Please help us change the fate of Texas animals. They can’t afford to wait.

    Sign and share our petition today.


    GOAL: 15,111 signatures
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    Saturday Evening Party – 7:00PM- 10:00 PM
    Join us for a blow-out party featuring a live band, unlimited delicious food and open bar. Come party your paws off with us!   


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