Henry (H.K.) Pitts

  • After we recovered from losing our rescue Lab my wife and I started a search for another dog . We were amazed at the number of black labs up for adoption, and we looked at hundreds online. We finally selected several to look at in person . One Saturday we drove to Houston to see a puppy in a foster home. He was a cute one but something did not ring up for us. Returning to College Station we came through Conroe to visit the Montgomery County animal shelter.

    It was a typical summer day (hot and humid) as we visited two labs in the kennels we had seen on the Lab Rescue website. It seemed they were miserable in those conditions and not really interested in being displayed. But before we left the shelter (which was almost overwhelmed with hundreds of animals), we asked the director where “Rufus” was. They had not shown him to as we had requested when we got there.

    We were told that he was “aggressive” and being kept in isolation, where he had been for weeks. It has also intimated that he probably would “not be around much longer”.

    They asked us to step into a fenced enclosure behind the building and they would fetch Rufus.

    Three of us were waiting when they brought him through the gate and took his leash off.

    He immediately took off running the fence line at top speed. On about the third lap around the large yard he stopped about 100 feet from us and looked down. He then picked up a doggie toy, trotted over and dropped it right at my feet.

    He is our “Bennie Boy” now for over a year. He is a playful, funny, beautiful companion and we are so happy he chose us!


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