Leena Carvajal

  • Q: What other ideas do you have?
    A: 1. Make it illegal to transport animals in the bed of a pickup truck.

    2. Make TNR feral cat colonies in neighborhoods legal and encourage this option over euthanasia.

    3. Outlaw animals for entertainment like the rodeo. Animal performances are being reduced in circus acts so why not the rodeo too.

    4. Make ear and tail docking and declawing illegal.

    5. Make it illegal to leave animals out in extreme weather conditions.

    6. Make it illegal to abandon animals during natural disasters.

    7. Make it mandatory that property for sale/rent is examined for animals left behind after each tenant evacuates.

    8. Make it possible for people to report animal cruelty/mistreatment anonymously to authorities. Many people fear their neighbors and retaliation and hence will not make the report since they are asked for name and phone number etc.

    What are your top animal protection priorities for 2018?

    Thank you for participating in this 10 question survey! Many of these animal welfare issues were addressed in legislation that failed in the 2017 Texas session, and others represent areas of concern consistently reported by our stakeholders, partners and chapters. We know this is not a comprehensive list of all areas of crises for animals, and we welcome your feedback.

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