Sheri Soltes

An honors graduate from both the University of Texas School of Law and the University of Texas Plan II Honors undergraduate program, Sheri Soltes left her law practice in 1988 to devote her full time to founding and building Service Dogs, Inc., on the concept of using dogs rescued from animal shelters. Under her guidance, Service Dogs, Inc. has led the industry in combining the use of all rescue dogs with positive reinforcement training methodology. Sheri has mentored assistance dog programs around the world including Australia, Japan, Spain and Chile.  She has been a featured speaker at many conferences and institutions in the United States, Spain and Chile. Sheri’s articles on the legal rights of Assistance Dog users have been published by Assistance Dogs International, the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and Leader Dogs for the Blind.  She drafted the 1995 revisions for Texas' Assistance Dog accessibility statute.