Dawn Gatlin

  • Please help us get this bill passed next session.
    This is what I am doing in my county and I hope you can do the same in your county:
    1. Talk (set up a meeting) with your local state rep.
    2. Post THLN updates, including this petition on your Facebook and Nextdoor Neighbor accounts.
    I have even put the petition on local beg barter sites.
    3. Email or call your state rep with reminders of your concerns.
    4. Ask friends, family, and neighbors to support Texas dogs by doing all of the above.
    5. Help get more signatures on the tethering petition. I use Facebook and Nextdoor to accomplish that.
    Thank you to everyone who is helping. We need action. If everyone commits to doing at least a couple of the things listed above, we can really make a difference for Texas dogs.

  • Good job! I am in the process of scheduling a meeting with my local house rep Cecil Bell. Can you share some of the research and resources that you used to educate your local community on teathering?

  • I'm super proud to be defending those without a voice.

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