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  • SIGN OUR PETITION: Tell Texas Legislators Dogs Deserve Adequate Shelter


    Every year we receive hundreds of calls and emails about dogs left outside suffering in the extreme Texas weather. We know law enforcement, the media, and everyday Texans are sometimes helpless to do anything when they see a dog succumbing to a heat stroke. That’s partly because every jurisdiction in Texas handles these cases differently. Why? Because we do not have a single definition of “adequate shelter” that everyone can use. If the horror stories of animals freezing to death or dying in the Texas heat haunt you, you can do something NOW.


    Please help us change the fate of Texas animals. They can’t afford to wait.

    Passing our tethering bill next session will allow us to include a statewide definition of "adequate shelter" as a minimum standard of shelter that all pet owners should have to meet. Once we have this definition in place, local law enforcement and animal control officers will be able to act swiftly.


    Sign and share our petition today.


    GOAL: 15,783 signatures
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  • I’m ready to get this law changed show me the way to help, I have a petition I created for Comal County , A community with many chained and confined dogs!

  • I live in Canyon Lake Texas, Comal County. Our area is a dumping ground for strays it is also a place where people can get away with anything they want as far as animals are concerned I have documented photos and videos to prove the amount of animals that are tied to trees and ignored neglected and abused hungry unvaccinated, unfixed people out here seem to think that Animal Control will fix everything however the reality is as long as they have adequate shelter and water they are left unnoticed. I have created my own page on Facebook to be in contact with people who want to share their story of what goes on in their neighbors backyards anonymously “ I see dogs that deserve better in Comal county, I also have a petition for anti-tethering in caging of animals however we do not have enough resources to change any of this , please let me know what can we do in our community to change the laws out of here and get these animals into safe situation. We also have multiple families that Hoard animals and breed them I have videos and photos to document that I would like to put an end to all of that but don’t know the stop this we feel powerless out here with the few animal activists that I do know, I’ve made numerous calls to Animal Control, I have met with county commissioners, nothing changes it stays the same it is awful please show me the way to help the voiceless animals out here ASAP thank you

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