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  • I have not heard a response to this letter. I also filed complaint against the veterinarian who runs “austin pets alive” but the texas veterinary board claims to have no jurisdiction over shelters. Anyone know what I can do here?

    P. O. Box 301501

    Austin, TX 78703

    January 3, 2017

    Tawny Hammond

    Chief Animal Services Officer

    Austin Animal Center

    7201 Levander Loop

    Building A

    Austin, TX 78702

    Dear Ms. Hammond-

    On September 15, 2016 I surrendered my tortie cat Pretty Boy #1 (now known as Pretty) to the Austin Animal Center on Levander Loop. I adopted the cat 8 years ago when it showed up in my neighborhood, and I have provided regular care for her (it is a female cat) during that period of time, mostly at the Central Texas Cat Hospital in Round Rock. In the last year the cat developed stomatitis which, as you know, is a treatable but not usually a curable condition characterized by bleeding and inflammation in the mouth. This causes the cat great pain and interferes with its ability to eat. I turned the cat in because I could no longer provide care for it. It was costing $100 to $150 per month at the veterinary clinic and the cat kept hiding outdoors and not eating once its mouth started hurting. When it received its monthly shots at the veterinarian office the condition would clear up and the cat would be able to eat kibble with no problem but its condition would deteriorate over the course of 4-6 weeks until it got its next round of shots. I believed that the Austin Animal Center would be able to either give it the continuing treatment it needed or euthanize the cat to take it out of its misery. After the Austin Animal Center did give it some treatment, they passed the cat to Austin Pets Alive at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez. I visited the Austin Pets Alive facility on January 1, 2017 and observed that the cat was ill and didn’t appear to have received medical care recently. The cat was listless and had foaming blood oozing from its mouth. In the past, when I have brought the cat to Dr. Smith in Round Rock and gotten its shots, its mouth clears up and the cat becomes very active outdoors going on hikes with me and catching mice. It is my contention that this cat is not receiving proper care and is in a condition of suffering. I can recognize when the cat is ill because I cared for it for 8 years. I spoke with the cat manager at the facility who claimed the cat was receiving treatment. I asked her to show me the treatment record which she refused to do. I informed her that I did not believe the cat was receiving proper treatment based on my familiarity with the cat and I told her I would be filing complaint. At that point, and in a very intimidating manner, she escorted me off the premises. She was not willing to listen to the information I had to give her about the cat. I believe the condition of the cat now may constitute animal cruelty even though it may not be intentional but is related to a lack of understanding of what the cat needs. On Monday, January 2, I called Austin 311 and filed an animal cruelty complaint and I am waiting for a response to that. What can you do for this cat Tawny to ensure that it will be taken care of?


    Stephen Allen


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