M.E. Wilcox

  • In 2005 I was living in Yangon, Myanmar – a very poor country with a huge stray population. I walked to my job and would see so many hungry & sickly “street” dogs. There was one female stray (not aggressive) that I gave pieces of bread. Eventually she had 2 puppies, that I decided to rescue. It was very difficult to catch them (street dogs are naturally very skittish), and I only managed to catch the female, I wasn’t able to catch the male. I got her when she was 3 mo old and named her Jinju (“pearl” in Korean). Jinju was incredibly loyal and devoted, though not cuddly (she was a street dog after all). One night a few months later, I was asleep and she jumped on the bed to wake me (she slept on a bed on the floor of my room). I awoke to find the house filling with water. It was monsoon season and the entire area was flooding fast. I grabbed Jinju and put her on my shoulders, around my neck. My partner grabbed our other street dog, Coco, and did the same. We waded out of the house to our yard – which had become a swimming pool. We then got to the street – which had become a dangerous raging river with all kinds of debris. With dogs (they were medium sized) on our shoulders, we literally swam upstream in complete darkness to higher ground, and safety. Had Jinju not woken me up, I cannot imagine what would have happened if we’d stayed in the house, asleep. Jinju lived with me another 14 years – having to evacuate Myanmar with me (and our other street dog) after a devastating hurricane destroyed the country. That dog was a huge part of my life, my heart….she became very sick this year and I reluctantly euthanized her in March 2019. I have taken in other rescues and have saved other abandoned animals because I believe that every animal deserves a decent life. I am pro-Life in the truest sense – all life is part of Source.

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    Every year we receive hundreds of calls and emails about dogs left outside suffering in the extreme Texas weather. We know law enforcement, the media, and everyday Texans are sometimes helpless to do anything when they see a dog succumbing to a heat stroke. That’s partly because every jurisdiction in Texas handles these cases differently. Why? Because we do not have a single definition of “adequate shelter” that everyone can use. If the horror stories of animals freezing to death or dying in the Texas heat haunt you, you can do something NOW.


    Please help us change the fate of Texas animals. They can’t afford to wait.

    Passing our tethering bill next session will allow us to include a statewide definition of "adequate shelter" as a minimum standard of shelter that all pet owners should have to meet. Once we have this definition in place, local law enforcement and animal control officers will be able to act swiftly.


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