Wilson County Should Build Its Animal Shelter

In 2013, the residents of Wilson County passed certificates of obligation for $8.5 million to renovate their county courthouse and build a no-kill animal shelter, among other projects.  

The animal shelter has not yet been built, but there is a growing number of animals in the small south Texas county that are neglected, abandoned, and stray.  

A number of them appear to be starving, and the homeless animals are in the hundreds, according to this letter to the editor.

There is a private effort to raise the funds for a shelter, but they are still far from their goal.

It’s time for Wilson County to make good on its promise. We urge residents in the area to contact the Wilson County Sheriff, the mayor, and their county commissioners to ask them to immediately prioritize the “construction and equipping of a county animal shelter” as outlined in their 2013 certificates of obligation.

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