What the election results mean for Texas animals

We are thrilled to report that all but three of THLN's endorsed candidates won at the ballot box! With a 91% success rate in our endorsements, the future of the Texas capitol is looking hopeful for Texas animals and our fight to provide adequate shelter and protections to thousands of Texas dogs. 

With the Democrats taking significant gains and Freedom Caucus members experiencing surprising challenges at the ballot box, the perceived balance of power is shifting. However, as a truly non-partisan organization representing a mission that strikes at the heart of humanity, our agenda is one that *every* legislator should embrace, and our hope is that the 2019 Texas legislature will achieve a greater unity with a new Speaker of the House this session. All attention is now on that race, and since the Speaker will not be officially elected until January, that means committee chairs are unlikely to be name until February, resulting in a compressed session and a shorter calendar to pass bills than last year. 

We must be ready to move swiftly into action and advocacy once session begins and YOU can help us educate your legislator in this interim period. Now that you know who your elected official will be, be sure to meet with them prior to their sojourn to Austin in January! If you want to find friends to join you for a meeting, reach out to one of our Chapter Presidents in your area.

Below is a deeper analysis of what happened on Tuesday:



Texas Humane Legislation Network
2018 Election Analysis


  • Texas legislature final results
    • Senate added 2 Democrats (19 R, 12 D).
      • It will become 19-11 when Senator Sylvia Garcia resigns.
      • The Senate republicans had previously gained one seat, SD 19, with the election of Republican Pete Flores in September.
      • Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick will keep his super majority.
    • House added 12 Democrats (83 R, 67 D).


  • 31 of 34 THLN-endorsed candidates won (91%)
    • We lost two THLN allies in the House: Linda Koop and Rodney Anderson, both Republicans.
    • The third endorsed candidate who was defeated was Democrat Pete Gallego in the SD 19 special election in September.


  • Legislators with a history of opposing humane legislation
    • Quite a few Freedom Caucus members had very small margins of victory despite serving in districts considered safe, including Jeff Leach (51.1%), Jonathan Stickland (49.9%), and Tinderholt (52.5%). Rep. Rinaldi lost his seat.
    • Of the newly elected representatives, there are several who have indicated they’d like to join the Freedom Caucus: Mays Middleton (HD 23), Jared Patterson (HD 106), and Steve Toth (HD 15).
    • Freedom caucus member, and endorsed candidate by THLN, Rep. Matt Shaheen, won his re-election.


  • Three veterinarians will serve in the Texas House
    • HD 56 Rep. Doc Anderson (R) 
    • HD 54 Rep. Brad Buckley (R) - THLN PAC supported and new to the Texas legislature!
    • HD 64 Lynn Stucky (R) - TLHN endorsed!


  • Speaker Race
    • House Dems are meeting after the election to discuss the candidates for Speaker of the House.
    • House Republican Caucus meets December 1 to determine their nominee.
    • A speaker candidate can win with support from 76 House members, and now that the Dems have gained ground, a more moderate candidate is likelier to emerge as speaker.




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