We Saved the Texas Licensed Breeder Program!

We have good news to share as we head into the 2021 Texas Legislative Session. While the Session convened just yesterday, we have spent the interim period since the last Session working to ensure that the Texas Sunset Commission did not vote to abolish the Texas Licensed Breeders Program. 

As the Sunset review process began, THLN hoped to maintain the Texas Licensed Breeders Program and strengthen it. We strongly advocated for such changes. However, the Commission's initial recommendation called for the termination of the entire Program - a move that would have set back animal advocacy efforts by more than a decade. Therefore, we focused our efforts on keeping the Program.  

The Good News: after intense grassroots and lobby outreach, the Commission has voted to MAINTAIN the Texas Licensed Breeders Program and continue to stop puppy mills from operating across Texas.

We are thankful the Sunset Commission Members recognized the Licensed Breeders Program's importance and its role in preventing animal cruelty. Now that the Program will continue, we can turn our efforts to other critical humane measures instead of rebuilding a vital program from scratch. 

The animals of Texas benefitted from the efforts of thousands of THLN supporters who sent letters or called their legislators, submitted public comments, submitted letters to their local editors, posted on social media, or shared information with friends and family. Because of dedicated supporters like you, THLN successfully raised awareness of the Licensed Breeders Program's foundational importance. 

Thank you again for your hard work and support! We also want to extend a special thank you to one of our partners, Houston PetSet, who helped us save the Program!

We invite you to join us as we turn our collective energy towards the passage of another important measure: the Safe Outdoor Dogs bill. Learn more about our priority legislation for the 2021 legislative session here.

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