Urgent Call to Action!

Tell Congress there’s a humane way to manage America’s wild horses and burros.

Share this “Unified Statement”— drafted by animal advocates in response to the Trump Administration’s FY 2019 budget requesting Congress to lift horse slaughter bans—with your Senators and Representatives and anyone else may want to join the coalition! THLN added our name along with 80+ other groups/experts, and we need help spreading the word as far and wide as possible—via social media, calls, emails—that federal protections for wild horses and burros should remain in place.

The statement will be delivered to key Senate and House appropriators and other members of Congress, as critical decisions are made about the future of wild horses and burros. Congress is expected to finalize 2018 spending legislation by March 23, and that budget will serve as the basis for the 2019 appropriations process.

Please—don’t let our wild horses down.

You can find your legislator’s contact information at http://www.thln.org/contact-legislator

Please call/email your US Senator and Congressional Representative and ask them to maintain prohibitions on destruction and sale for slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros.


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  • Mary Williamson
    No more horse slaughter!!
    We need to protect all the horses from unnecessary slaughter!
    All animal rights are just as important as human rights!!