URGENT ACTION! We have 7 days to strengthen our cruelty code!

SB 762, our bill to strengthen our felony cruelty statute in Texas, has passed the Senate thanks to your calls and emails! The bill is now awaiting a hearing date for the House floor - but we just have seven days until the deadline!


Please call your House Representative right now and ask him/her to VOTE YES on SB 762 and inquire on what his/her position on the bill is. Please report back to us on what you hear!

You can find your State Representative at this link.
Unfortunately perpetrators of animal torture and abuse in our state are often given a slap on the wrist. The FBI now tracks animal cruelty offenses and the link between animal cruelty and domestic violence is well documented. The last time the Texas Animal Cruelty Statute was revised was in 2007 -- and the time to strengthen the law is now!

When animals are safe from harm, communities are safer. Thank you for speaking for the voiceless!


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  • Kathleen Milacek
    I called my rep, same one as Crystal Sand’s, Pat Fallon, and his Admin said she didn’t know where he stood on this bill. She first asked me if I was calling about the Tethering bill, and I told her “No, the animal cruelty statute revision”. She said she would check with him and get back with me on how he was going to vote on it. She said he was animal friendly, although she may have really meant pet friendly as I’m not sure how he has voted on past wildlife and livestock animal issues in the state of Texas where they have basically no rights.
  • Crystal Sand
    I reached out to Pat Fallon today. It took a minute for the woman on the phone to find the right bill but once she did we had a decent conversation about it. I let her know why I think it’s important and let her know I’d like to see Rep. Fallon vote yes on the bill. She let me know that he believes in animal rights but is uncertain where he stands on this bill because it hasn’t been presented yet. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I feel heard.
  • Dwinna Barker
    I will keep calling back until I can find out how he voted. His vote and score based on all his votes concerning animal issues will also be showing on the Texas State Congressional Humane Scorecard published for every Congressional session, both state and federal, by the Humane Society.
  • Dwinna Barker
    I called Representative Dewayne Burns and left a voice mail with my name and phone number along with my request that he vote yes on SB762.
  • Kathleen Milacek
    I called my rep, Pat Fallon, yesterday on this. His Admin didn’t know which bill this was, said she would ask him if he supported it and get back with me in his answer. Haven’t heard anything back yet …. it’s only been 24 hours.
  • Elizabeth Netting
    I’m from Houston. Called my representative Garnet Coleman. Talked to a member of his office staff and she said she didn’t know which bill that was. I explained and she said, that she was sure he would vote for it as he had co-authored the bill against “tethering”. (Which she told me had received a lot of opposition and unfortunately failed to make it to a vote. ) She did take my info in order to record my call in support of SB 762.
  • Debbie Ellis
    I have notified by phone my concerns onSB762.
    The person answering the phone did not know how my representative- Mr. Biedermann stands on this issue. I will follow through with monitoring the voting on this issue and other issue my the state website.
  • Brian Mertz
    Please call your representatives because the animals suffer in silence, we are their voices