Update: Couple Arrested in Connection with Northeast Texas Puppy Mill

A couple accused of running a puppy mill in northeast Texas back in September was arrested last month in connection with the seizure of 117 animals.

The investigation began in late September when SPCA of Texas' animal cruelty investigator and the Hunt County Constable received a complaint of suspected animal cruelty.

“The owner would not allow the investigators to enter, but they could smell the strong stench of ammonia from the street and hear a large number of dogs barking from far away, and obtained a search and seizure warrant,” according to a recent article in Culture Map Dallas.

According to the article, the animals were found living in filthy, cramped conditions, and the owners acknowledged they were selling dogs.

We are grateful to the SPCA of Texas for taking the animals into custody, to Hunt County officials for taking the initial complaints seriously, and to those who have already adopted some of the 117 animals.

Although Texas passed legislation in 2011 banning puppy mills and kitten factories, this story is a stark reminder that our work is far from over.

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