THLN Director Receives National Animal Law Award

Dallas lawyer and THLN board member Yolanda Eisenstein was honored this month in Chicago at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting with the annual "Excellence in the Advancement of Animal Law Award,” recognizing her exceptional commitment and leadership in advancing the humane treatment of animals through the law.

THLN_19yolanda.jpgEisenstein graduated from SMU Dedman School of Law and began her career proving pro bono representation to international victims of human rights abuses. Then, when starting her own practice, she followed her passion for animals and opened an animal law practice in Dallas.

“Animal law is still fairly new – and was certainly new a decade ago,” Eisenstein said. “Fortunately, that is changing as more opportunities exist in animal protection work.”

She remembers a case early on in her career when a dog died of heat stroke after being left outside at a boarding facility. The owner was so attached to his dog that he drove around with his dog’s collar in the passenger seat of his car. “I’ll never forget that,” Eisenstein said. “That’s how much he loved that dog. And that is why I do the work I do.”

Eisenstein works closely with THLN, and recently ended her term on the board of directors to take on a new role as the organization’s Of Counsel attorney. THLN’s executive director Laura Donahue Halloran said Eisenstein has been one of the most hands-on and effective board members in the organization’s recent history.

“Having Yolanda's expertise on animal law has not only made our organization stronger but has allowed us to provide technical assistance to hundreds of individuals over the years, helping them navigate the complexities of reporting acts of animal cruelty,” said Donahue Halloran. “We are all thrilled that she has been recognized by her peers and that she will continue serving as ‘Of Counsel’ to ensure THLN continues to have the legal savvy we need.”

Congratulations, Yolanda, for this incredible recognition of your work and commitment to Texas!

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