THLN and Humane Tomorrow Honor Representative Stucky in Denton


FEBRUARY 21, 2022


Cara Gustafson

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THLN and Humane Tomorrow Honor Representative Lynn Stucky in Denton

Rep. Stucky remains a consistent proponent of commonsense animal welfare.

DALLAS -- On Saturday, the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) and Humane Tomorrow co-hosted an event at the Glenn & Shirley Hulcher Family Animal Care Center in Argyle honoring Representative Lynn Stucky of Denton.

“We wholeheartedly endorse Rep. Stucky for re-election as he has remained an unwavering supporter of commonsense animal welfare policy,” said Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director of THLN. “He co-sponsored and was instrumental in the passage of the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act that went into effect in January.”

In his time in the House, Rep. Stucky also voted to end the sale of pet store puppy sales that would close the puppy mill pipeline in Texas and helped pass animal cruelty enhancements in 2017. Rep. Stucky also served as the main veterinarian who worked civil seizure cases in Denton County for many years after THLN helped pass civil seizure legislation.

“As one of three veterinarians in the Texas House, other representatives follow Rep. Stucky’s lead when it comes to animal welfare legislation. Since being elected, he has had a 100% scorecard for our animal welfare bills,” finished Bobosky.  




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