Animal Abuse Under The New Law

In Texarkana, a kitten is thrown “like a baseball for twenty or more feet” before being struck several times. In Cameron County, a two-month-old pit bull is recovering from severe burns after hot oil was tossed on its back. 

Both animals are expected to make a full recovery. And in both of these horrific cases of cruelty, law enforcement has been involved. An arrest already has been made in the Texarkana case, and one is expected in the south Texas case.

But what’s new about these cases is that—thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 762—the offenders may see lengthier stays in prison. SB 762 went into effect on September 1, and it makes heinous acts of cruelty to animals a felony offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

We will be tracking these stories closely, and we will keep you posted on the outcomes of these offenders. 

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