URGENT UPDATE: Texas Horses Need Your Call TODAY!

UPDATE! We expect the vote as early as TOMORROW, September 6, 2017! If we lose this vote, horse slaughter houses will re-open in our country. We have to dig-in, now. Please join us in this fight to protect these innocent creatures!

Please make a Phone Call to Your Representative: Place a quick, polite phone call to your member of Congress! (See below for further instructions).




THLN is a leader in protecting horses in Texas from death at the hands of horse slaughterers for meat consumption overseas. Working together with lawmakers in 2002, THLN asked then-Texas Attorney General John Cornyn for an opinion on a state law regarding horse slaughter that was unenforced at the time. His opinion found that the state law was applicable, and eventually led to the closure of the two foreign-owned horse slaughtering plants in Texas. 

In every federal budget since 2007, an amendment has been added keeping horse slaughter out of this country by restricting funding for government inspections of horse slaughter plants. No funding means no inspections. Without inspections, plants cannot operate. This year the House Appropriations Committee narrowly rejected the amendment, opening the door for horse slaughter facilities—which have a history of rampant cruelty violations—to return to our country. The Senate kept with tradition, and passed the amendment.

Now, Congress will shortly be making a major decision for America’s horses. As you may know, the amendment to prevent horse slaughter did not pass in the House Appropriations Committee last month. Our friends in Congress will be re-offering this amendment when the omnibus appropriations comes to the floor this week. The vote could be on September 6th. If we lose this vote, horse slaughter houses will re-open in our country.

They need to hear from their constituents (that’s you Texans!) to prevent thousands of horses, both wild and domestic, from a cruel and inhumane end in a kill box.


1. Make a Phone Call to Your Representative:

Place a quick, polite phone call to your member of Congress by calling the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and asking to be transferred to the office of your representative in the House. When the receptionist answers, state your name, the town you live in and your reason for calling. You can use this sample script—and feel free to add a personal touch to your message!

“As a constituent, I want Representative (Your Representatives name) to vote yes on two important amendments: the Buchanan—Royce—Roybal-Allard—Blumenauer Amendment to protect horses from slaughter and the Titus—King—Polis—Curbelo—Lujan Grisham amendment to protect wild horses from mass killing. Please ensure language barring the use of my tax dollars on inspecting horse slaughter plants in the U.S. is included in the final FY18 omnibus appropriations. 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter, and this language will keep this predatory industry out of the U.S.”

2. Email Your Representative:

Email your representative through his or her webpage’s contact form. Go to https://www.house.gov/representatives, click on your representative’s name to open his or her webpage and look for a “contact” option, and enter your information to send an email. Below is a sample email you can use, and we also encourage you to include some personal comments in your message. These can include your:

-Rescue work with horses

-Involvement with horses in the community

-Connection to this issue

Dear Representative (Representative’s Name),

As an animal lover, horse expert and advocate for horse welfare, I respectfully urge you to renew the ban on the use of tax dollars to fund the inspection of horse slaughter facilities. Doing so will protect all of America’s horses from a grisly and inhumane fate. Please vote yes on the Buchanan/ Royce/ Roybal-Allard /Blumenauer Amendment in order to include this language when the FY18 omnibus appropriations bill comes before the full House.

Best Regards,
(Your name and address)



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