Tethering Toolkit

Here in Texas, the state legislature meets every other year for six months.  This is the only time to pass a law, otherwise Texas citizens and their animals have to wait an additional two years in order to try again.  While THLN will be back at the Capitol in 2021 with the Adequate Shelter & Restraint bill, you can help chained dogs in your municipality NOW.  The THLN Tethering Toolkit is a great way to start making positive changes for the chained dogs in your neighborhood. For additional information, comments or questions please contact [email protected].

Tethering Toolkit


The Tethering Story

As midnight approached on May 23, 2017, our chance to pass a bill that would have banned the inhumane tethering of dogs in Texas came to a dramatic conclusion.

Which legislators ran out the clock and blocked compassionate, common-sense legislation? Watch our video to find out. 

Cruelly chained dogs will have to wait two more years, but we are acting now.