Taking Tethering Laws Local - Breaking Their Chains

Apart from a few Texas lawmakers most people agree tethering animals outdoors without basic protections from weather, and without adequate care and exercise, is inhumane.

And while states around the country work to pass their own versions of inhumane tethering legislation, some animal protection groups are keeping it local.

In North Carolina, Brunswick County commissioners have been asked to change current laws so that cruelty charges would be applied to owners whose pets wear a "collar, rope or chain embedded in or causing injury to the animal's neck."

Humane treatment of animals should be universal, and we are working toward a day when every state has its own inhumane tethering law. Until that day comes, we are inspired by advocates making changes in their own communities. Politics are local, and changes in your community will encourage our state to follow! Contact us for more information about successful city ordinances.

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