Governor Abbott Includes Safe Outdoor Dogs On Third Special Session Agenda

Legislation would be similar to SB 474 that passed during the regular session but would address the concerns in the Governor's veto proclamation.

September 9, 2021

Austin, Texas – On Tuesday, Governor Abbott released his agenda for the third special session and included legislation similar to the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, which the Governor vetoed during the regular legislative session. 

"Governor Abbott’s inclusion of the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act on the special session agenda is a huge step toward passing this bill before the next regular session in 2023," said Stacy Sutton Kerby, Director of Government Relations for the Texas Humane Legislation Network. "We are hopeful that we will be able to address the Governor’s concerns and ensure a safer future for dogs across Texas."

The Safe Outdoor Dogs Act establishes basic standards of shelter and care for dogs left outdoors and clarifies the existing law to promote the safety of animals and the people around them. The bill was a top legislative priority for THLN and had the support of over 100 co-authors during the regular legislative session, as well as law enforcement and thousands of Texans across the state.

"There is no doubt that we would not have had a second opportunity to pass the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act this year without the dedication of our thousands of supporters across Texas and our legislative champions on both sides of the aisle,"  said Kerby. “We will continue to fight and improve the lives of restrained outdoor dogs.”

To learn more or to schedule an interview about the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, contact Tori Varyu at (425) 577-2072 or [email protected]


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  • Joiel Quick
    Excellent work! Signed by the Governor too! You are truly angels.
  • cristina thompson
    I just hope it pass this time !
  • Don Hughes
    Certain people have been crying ‘black lives matter’ or ‘ all lives matters’ excluding animal life. We humans are in for more pandemics, natural catastrophes, and conflicts if we fail to recognize the value of animal life. The way we humans treat animals translates into how we treat each other…the most egregious treatment of animals are in factory farming, trophy hunting, rodeos, and bull/dog/cock fighting. Where does our moral competence? Life is more than human!
  • Judy Monroe
    This is amazing. THIN bought it back! Thank you so much.
  • Joanne Turner
  • Karen Rankin