Renewed Bipartisan Push Begins to Reduce Suffering of Texas Dogs

THLN Announces Legislative Priority for the 86th Legislative Session: Basic Standards of Shelter and Care for Restrained Dogs

February 26, 2019

Tyler Norris
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AUSTIN, Texas – Today, The Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) announced its top legislative priority for the 86th Legislative Session: Senate Bill 295, by Sen. Lucio, and its House companion, House Bill 940, by Rep. Sarah Davis, to establish basic standards of shelter and care for restrained dogs in Texas.

SB 295/HB 940 would increase basic standards and provide much-needed clarification to existing law on the lawful restraint of dogs. This legislation protects the health and welfare of Texas dogs and provides law enforcement the tools they need to stop abject animal cruelty when necessary.

“Last legislative session, we came extremely close to passing this landmark bill for Texas dogs. The bill had five joint authors and thirty-two co-authors from both parties and every region of Texas. This is a commonsense proposal that has broad-based support,” said Laura Donahue, Executive Director of THLN. "Our army of advocates and supporters are fully committed to getting it done this time around, and we stand ready to work with all members of the legislature to make it happen."

The similar bills this session create and define “adequate shelter” for Texas dogs, ensuring they are humanely restrained, protected from extreme weather exposure, and have access to water. The bills also prohibit the use of metal chains from being used to restrain dogs, which is the most profound risk to the safety and wellbeing of a restrained dog. Finally, the bill also strikes the 24-hour “warning only” period that prevents animal control and law enforcement from acting when animals are in imminent danger.

In a joint statement, bill authors Sen. Eddie Lucio and Rep. Sarah Davis said: "We look forward to working with our colleagues in both chambers of the legislature to ensure that Texas dogs have a basic, uniform standard of safety while being restrained. We are fully committed to getting this bill to the Governor's desk for his signature."

For more information, visit or contact Laura Donahue at [email protected]