Possible Strangulation By Tether Makes Case For Our Bill

Police in Abilene received multiple calls about a dog that appears to have died by strangulation on its own tether cord, according to one recent news story.

Animal control officers are investigating the death of the dog, whose owner was not home when the deceased dog was initially discovered by police and who later said he was unaware the dog had died. (The police did not enter the yard to collect the dog’s remains on their first visit, but returned a few hours later and were able to contact the owner and remove the dog's remains, collar, and tether. 

A representative for animal control said an investigation was open but no charges had been filed against the dog’s owners. Director Mirenda Walden said the owner “may have violated the City of Abilene's tethering ordinance and a requirement to dispose of remains.” Some neighbors reported the dog could have been dead for days.

Under an enforceable tethering law like the one we tried to pass in 2017, this dog’s life could have been saved. Our current state law mandates that law enforcement first give a warning to the owner and then allow 24 hours for the owner to fix the violation. In Texas weather 24 hours is often too long and many tethering violations become cruelty cases when the dog is down and near death. It is because of this Abilene dog and countless others that we will be working again to pass this important bill in 2019. Texans have a responsibility to ensure dogs don’t die at the end of their chains.

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