Our History

The Texas Humane Information Network was formed in 1975 by a handful of concerned advocates from across the state who recognized the humane treatment of animals needed to be the law. Few animal protection laws existed in Texas, and the words “animal welfare” were rarely heard inside our state capitol. 

Years later ‘THIN’ became ‘THLN’ (Texas Humane Legislation Network) and our efforts to engage the public and educate state legislators on animal cruelty issues became more sophisticated and successful.  Our networking capabilities morphed from ‘phone trees’ and postal mailers - to online messaging and social media, taking our message to the masses in minutes versus weeks.  Our partnerships with local animal shelters, animal service agencies, law enforcement, and animal advocacy groups ensured comprehensive knowledge of the most egregious problems needing legislative resolution. And lastly, our grassroots lobbying efforts combined with those of seasoned professional lobbyists have facilitated the passage of dozens of animal protection measures. 

THLN’s mission and purpose is unique in Texas, in that we are the only organization who works year round to protect animals through legislation.  We have effectuated change for hundreds of thousands of animals for generations to come. What began as a small group of concerned individuals 40 years ago, has grown to become one of the most respected statewide animal welfare lobby groups in the nation.

Thank you so much for being a voice for the animals. We appreciate your help more than words can express.