Not all dogs are Lucky

Louie is one Lucky dog:

Imagine the horror of finding two beautiful dogs on the side of the road with their throats slit. A good Samaritan in Wharton, Texas, did -- and found “Lucky” just in the nick of time. Sadly, his brother didn't survive.

Lucky, now LouieAlthough there will likely be severe scarring around his throat for the rest of his life, Lucky has healed. He’s begun to trust people again, and he's found a new home with his adoptive mom, Christine, who renamed him “Louie,” which means warrior.

Meanwhile, the search is still on to get this evil perpetrator off the street. Thanks to THLN's Animal Cruelty legislation, which became law this year, Louie’s abuser (and his brother’s murderer) could now see up to 10 years in prison. Before this law passed, the maximum penalty was just 2 short years.

We advocate for stronger animal cruelty laws because we understand the link between animal cruelty and human violence, and we know more humane animal laws will lead to a more compassionate Texas.

If you support our mission, please make a donation today. Contribute to our fundraising goal of $15,000 before December 31 and our angel donor will match that amount with another $15,000 — doubling the impact of your gift! *Every penny counts* and Texas animals need your voice more than ever.

Please help us Legislate to Change Their Fate!





Thanks to Wags Hope and Healing, Louie has a new lease on life! You can follow them on Facebook: @AustinAreaAnimalRehabilitationAndAdoption

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