Fierce 500

Last month, we rolled out a new initiative to help build a more humane Texas.

We’re calling it the Fierce 500, because it takes the fiercest among us to fight for our most vulnerable—and we are more successful when we join forces.

We’re looking for 500 Fierce Advocates to commit to giving just $15 a month. Recurring, monthly donations are one of the most impactful ways to give – and you don’t have to give more than a few bucks a month to make a tremendous difference.

By becoming a monthly donor to THLN, you will join other advocates who are committed to advancing legislation that protects our animals and makes our state a more humane place for all of them.

They’re counting on us. Can we count on you?

As a bonus: monthly donors will receive special THLN swag and be invited to an exclusive VIP networking event in your region at no cost, and will receive free admission to our annual Lobby Day– and we promise it will be fierce and fabulous :)

Thank you for all you do,




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