Longtime THLN volunteer Diane Coker passes away

We are saddened to share that longtime THLN volunteer and animal advocate Diane Coker passed away earlier this month.

Diane was an active THLN Austin member and a former chapter president for the central Texas region. She inspired those of us in the animal welfare community with her passion and dedication. Her dear friend Jeanne O’Neil shared that whether she was holding up signs to educate the public about puppy mills or helping to pass city ordinances around the sale of puppies in pet stores, Diane was a dedicated voice for Texas animals.

She co-produced the first “Wag the Dog” event for THLN with another one of our amazing volunteers, Kimber Marshall.

“Diane's stalwart essence coupled with true humility will leave its mark on many hearts she touched,” Kimber told us about Diane. “Diane never blinked an eye to help someone in need to provide for their pets.”

Kimber said Diane once funded a new dog house for a neglected dog Kimber had discovered through a friend. “I didn’t have to ask for the funds after I shared the story -- she just automatically provided,” Kimber said.

Diane moved back to Denver several years ago, and she spent the last two years fighting a brave battle with cancer.

“Even when she was no longer able to physically participate in animal advocacy events, she took great joy in donating money to various causes,” Jeanne said. She also shared that Diane had a wonderful group of friends who were there with her, assuring that her needs were being met and staying by her side in shifts so that she wasn't alone.

Diane will be missed, and her passing will be felt by the entire animal welfare community.

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  • Cile Holloway
    She was a true angel for the animals, and will be sorely missed.