Letter to the Editor: Protect Dogs and People

From The Dallas Morning News, March 22, 2021

The Texas Legislature must pass HB 873 by Rep. Nicole Collier of Fort Worth to protect dogs kept outdoors and the public around them. The legislation ensures dogs have adequate shelter from extreme temperatures and access to drinking water and can move around without being trapped in standing water.

As an animal cruelty investigator, I have seen firsthand the danger inhumanely restrained dogs pose, often to unsuspecting children. These dogs suffer from behavioral problems and become aggressive when unable to retreat from perceived threats. HB 873 will fix the current, broken law, allow law enforcement to intervene in dangerous situations, and protect Texans and Texas animals.

Monica Ailey, Fort Worth
President, Animal Investigation & Response

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  • cristina thompson
    I sure hope the texas representatives finally will make sure the do of Texas will be taken care of with humanity, it is horrific what I see the word PROPRIETY It is no an excuse to have dogs neglect or abuse, we all have proprieties, with that in mind we can not do what we want with our proprieties. Without homes we need permits, with cars we need to follow the law just the same if you want to use them, the same is for dogs, if an owner cant afford a dog he shouldn’t have one!. We need mandatory S/N in this state unless a person wants to be a state-licensed breeder..that should be the Texas state law!
  • Karen Rankin