Volunteer Spotlight : Kimber Marshall!

Our organization would not be successful without the volunteers behind THLN. To acknowledge the people who are dedicated to making us the best nonprofit we can be, we’re kicking off a Volunteer Spotlight feature this month.

Kimber Marshall is an integral member of the THLN family. Kimber “discovered” THLN in 2009. As she puts it, “It all started with a table discussion during Humane Lobby Day. The THLN folks had me at Hello.”

Current Role: Kimber is our Field Coordinator. During the legislative session, she coordinated activists at the Capitol who came to testify and sign cards in support of our legislation. She’s currently focused on a project we’ll announce in October (stay tuned!).

Why THLN: “This organization tackles upstream animal welfare issues in Texas that will impact all entities in the animal welfare movement. This keeps me going year over year. I have been blessed to serve on the local chapter level for 8 years in various roles that keep me engaged and challenged! Along the way I have developed, nurtured, and kept friendships that will last a lifetime. THLN is a smart, highly organized, and powerful organization on the right side of the fence that I plan to stay plugged into in the years to come.”

Previous positions:

Fundraising Chair: 2009-2011

Central Texas Chapter President: 2011-2012

Fundraising & Tabling Leader: 2012-2015

Special Project Coordinator: 2016

Field Coordinator: 2017

Thank you for being such a wonderful ally to THLN and Texas animals, Kimber! We couldn’t do it without you.


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