1995: Horse Tripping

Horse tripping is the horrific practice of roping the front or hind legs of a full-on galloping horse and causing it to trip and come crashing to the ground, all for the purposes of entertainment or sport (www.ahdf.org).  THLN successfully advocated for the addition of an amendment to the state Animal Cruelty Statute which effectively bans horse tripping (SB 15, passed 1995).


About the Legislation

SB 15 Animal Cruelty Statutes

Bill Caption: Relating to the prosecution, punishment, and creation of certain criminal offenses and to the sentencing of and facilities for housing certain defendants convicted of criminal offenses. Effective on: September 1, 1995 Author: Whitmire Coauthors: Armbrister | Barrientos | Bivins | Brown | Cain | Ellis | Gallegos | Galloway | Harris, Chris | Haywood | Henderson | Leedom | Lucio | Luna, Gregory | Madla | Moncrief | Montford | Nelson | Nixon, Drew | Patterson, Jerry | Ratliff | Rosson | Shapiro | Sibley | Sims | Truan | Turner, Jim | Wentworth | West, Royce | ZaffiriniSponsor: Place

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