HELP! Time is almost up!!

May 18, 2019

THLN Friend, 

We are ON THE CALENDAR!  The VOTE is on MONDAY…yes, this MONDAY, May 20th!

Texas dogs STILL need you to speak up loudly to your Representative and because we just have a short time, we are asking you to deliver your message through every possible channel. **If you have called before, please call again! If you have emailed before, please email again!**

We need you to deliver this message to your House Representative in Austin: “As your constituent, I’m asking you to please vote YES on SB 295 on the House floor Monday. Texas dogs deserve adequate shelter."

With so many bills running out of time, elected officials are hearing from lots of people around the clock. But we need them to hear from us! Here are some examples of how to break through the noise and reach your representative:

  • By Phone:  Please go here and put in your address.  Hit enter and you will click on your Texas State House Representative to find their phone number in the Austin Capitol office (512 area code).  Identify yourself as a constituent and ask them to please support and speak up for SB295.
  • On Twitter: Find your Texas State House Representative’s Twitter handle here and send them a tweet asking them to please  support and speak up for SB295 and help get it out of the Calendars Committee (feel free to include a picture of a dog on a chain or without shelter!)
  • On Facebook: Please go to your Texas State House Representative’s page and first “Like” the page if you haven’t already.  Then, if the page allows it, post a message asking them to please support and speak up for SB295 and add a brief personal message.
  • On NextDoor: Post a message about SB295 letting people know they need to contact their Texas State House Representative in Austin and post this link:

Messages are most effective if you are brief, to the point and respectful. 

Thank you! We know you’ve heard from us a lot, but your help has never been more important. The deadline is quickly approaching.

Thank you for all you do for the animals of Texas – 

Laura Donahue

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  • Ellen Turner Johnston
    Our dogs are dying with the present laew. We need definit improvements. Nothing living can survive in a chain. I have seen a six month old puppies on chains outside. I have seen starving twelve year old dogs on chains that have lived in that one spot all their existence. Please understand the needs of our voiceless community.
  • Cherie Mayhew
    Please vote yes on SB 295!🐶❣️