Help end dog chaining in Texas now!

Friends: While July 4th is a celebration of our freedom for most of us, for thousands of Texas dogs, it was just another day in chains.

Some of you may remember my story about Red, whose chains I carry with me at all times to remind me about the vulnerable lives we are fighting for. But now, let me tell you about Rocko: Rocko lived in a Houston-area backyard on a four-foot chain under our hot Texas sun with no shade, no food, and no water. He died a miserable death.

RockoPic.jpgCruelty charges were filed against his owner after necropsy results confirmed Rocko died of heat exhaustion. “He didn’t have any way of living,” said Robert Acuna, a volunteer for Houston K-911 Rescue.

In 2007, the Texas legislature passed a bill to address tethering standards, but unfortunately, the law is virtually unenforceable and gives little or no protection to a chained or tethered dog.          

As we approach the next Texas legislative session, we are determined to fix this law. We need to be able to save dogs  before they die.

It may be too late for Red and Rocko, but thousands of dogs in Texas are yearning to be free from heavy chains, suffering in the blazing heat, hoping for help. It’s up to us to change the law so we can help them. Please sign our petition and join us in our fight to save dogs like Rocko. 

Our fight at the Texas Capitol begins NOW and our team has assembled and we are ready to deploy. But THLN depends 100% on individual donations from caring people like you to fund our mission at the Capitol.

No amount is too small to help -- Please give today

Thank you for being their voice.

P.S. If you live in Houston please get involved with our friends at Houston K-911 Rescue!

Laura Donahue Halloran, Executive Director

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