Even Children Know That Cruelty is Wrong

Even children know that cruelty to animals is wrong. Unfortunately, many of our current lawmakers don't share our children's compassionate compass, which is why our work is so critical.

You, our supporters, believe in THLN and our vision of not only strengthening animal protection laws, but creating a more humane legislature -- and we thank you!

We are now approaching one of the most critical Texas primary elections in recent history. While we are hearing that turnout is up, the total number voting is still fewer than 4% of registered voters. Since 90% of races are decided in the primary, Texans who want better for our community and its defenseless animals have an opportunity to make a real impact by voting now! 

We at THLN are doing our part to get out the vote, and ensure that voters know which candidates are "animal friendly" as they enter the polls. Last day of early voting is today, Friday, March 2nd, and election day is next Tuesday, March 6th. You can find your polling place here. There are a number of critical races at stake for the animals, so be sure to check THLN's endorsements and your legislators voting record! 

Once you've voted - we've come up with an easy way to help spread the word: change your profile picture to add THLN's new "I voted!" frame. You can check out the THLN Facebook page for instructions on how to do this here.

We have a number of events coming up, from District Lobby Days to Chapter happy hours that we hope you can join us at soon! We are engaging in targeted grassroots activities to ensure we are building our advocacy network in key districts. This weekend we are presentating to animal advocates in Montgomery County, one of the districts whose lawmakers worked to kill our tethering bill. Shortly thereafter we'll be joint hosting our first North Texas Humane Lobby Day, another key area whose lawmaker is featured in this video, running out the clock on our fight for chained dogs.

We are not wasting a single day mobilizing and educating citizens across our state, and we will not rest until Texas has an enforceable law that mandates dogs have adequate shelter, water and relief from so much suffering.

Thank you for all you do, and for your critical support. Our network is mightier than ever, thanks to all of you.


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