Stacie Flowers, President
[email protected]


Stacie Flowers is the owner and founder of Launch It where she helps new entrepreneurs start, build and grow their business successfully.  After 24 years in the corporate world as an accountant, she decided to take her knowledge and experience and focus on building her own business. 

Her services and programs provide guidance, resources and actionable steps to people who dream of making their own business a reality.  With her events and speaking engagements, she inspires to motivate and encourage those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. 

Author of “Doing Business Roller Derby Style”, “Believe in yourself and Achieve your Passion” and a coauthor in “Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition Vol. 3”.  Stacie is also the cofounder of Tribute Magazine. 

Being her own boss allows her the flexibility to do what she’s most passionate about, which is spending time with her dogs, traveling, volunteering at the local shelter and transporting animals to rescue.