Developing: Advocates Plead for Justice in San Antonio Cruelty Case

In late October of 2016, San Antonio police were called to the home of a foster who was supposed to be taking care of a young lab mix named Trooper. Although THLN is still learning about this case, we know that Trooper was found deceased in the foster’s bathtub. We also know that the San Antonio Police Department stayed in the foster home for several hours after finding Trooper, and took this case very seriously.

Trooper was rescued and saved from euthanasia, only to be allegedly tortured and killed –by the person who was supposed to be caring for him.

Last October, a cruelty investigation was opened against the man who has been accused of killing Trooper. The defendant’s first court appearance was this Wednesday in San Antonio, and his attorney was granted a reset. We do not know when he will go to trial again, or whether he will accept a plea.

No matter what happens, it is possible under current animal cruelty laws that Trooper’s killer may receive as little as probation or six months in jail.

It is because of these insufficient sentences for violent offenders against animals that we worked so hard to pass Senate Bill 762 last session.

SB 762 goes into effect in just a few weeks. On September 1, certain types of violent offenses – such as torturing, cruelly killing, poisoning, or causing serious bodily injury to an animal – will now result in a third-degree felony with a penalty of imprisonment of two to 10 years.

There are so many stories like Trooper’s, and in Texas, the punishment will soon fit the crime. Until then, we will work toward justice for Trooper and animals like him. 

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  • Lisa Cofer
    if trial is delayed until this law takes affect, perhaps this jerk will get the maximum sentence and set precedence!
    praying for justice for Trooper!!
  • Sherr Broughton
    Anyone who can hurt a defenseless animal is capable of the same to a human, and should be dealt with the strict prison sentence, never to be allowed to own an animal or even be in same household.
  • Norma DeBlas
    Harsh punishments for those that abuse, neglect, and mistreat any animal ! He’s a cruel man and will do it again if his punishment is light
  • Mary Brown
    Max jail time is too good for such a hateful person. they should be treated the same way they that this defenseless animal. Rest in heavenly Peace Trooper.
  • Kelley Dean
    Harsh punishments for those that abuse, neglect, and mistreat any animal.
  • Sherri Lee
    Life in prison would be best, at least the maximum.
  • Kim Johnson
    Longer jail time! He’s a cruel man and will do it again if his punishment is light
  • Barb Rosa
    against ‘all’ abuse & cruelty, show respect, want & deserve justice, nail those reasponsble for this
  • Sherri Lee
    How can we help get justice for Trooper?
  • Carolyn Trimble
    Absolutely jail time. He took on this life and destroyed it. He won’t draw a line between animals and people. Let this be poor Troopers legacy.
  • Sherri Lee
    Jail time. Max. Next time a human.
    Sherri Lee