San Antonio Express News Mentions THLN Regarding Recent Bexar County Puppy Mill

Originally Published in: San Antonio Express-News
Published on: 
August 3, 2023
Written By: Emilie Eaton, Staff Writer

"Bexar County Sheriff’s Office says it expects to file animal cruelty charges against a 79-year-old man who was running what authorities are calling a “puppy mill” in South Bexar County.

Sheriff Javier Salazar said deputies executed a search warrant early Thursday morning at the man’s home off Interstate 35 and Kinney Road, where they found 62 dogs in “pretty deplorable” conditions. They also found eight dead dogs in a trash can, he said."


"Salazar said the man was being cooperative with authorities, but that he could face “a variety of cruelty-related charges.”

Salazar said there is no countywide ordinance limiting the number of dogs a person can own.

However, state law requires animal breeders to have a license if they have more than 11 non-spayed female dogs and sell 20 or more puppies a year, according to the Texas Humane Legislation Network."

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