Animals under attack in Farm Bill

Please tell your legislators to support provisions that will safeguard—not undermine—critical animal protections!

Animal welfare is under attack in the House 2018 Farm Bill, but you can help NOW by contacting your representatives and senators—by phone, email or letter.

Ask your senators and representative to remove language that would harm animals from the Farm Bill, while keeping language that would advance animal welfare.

pig_awa_mike_suarez.jpgUrge them to SUPPORT the following provisions:

  • Section 12503 of the Senate bill, which incorporates the Pet and Women Safety Act.  Abusers often use the bond between their victims and companion animals to manipulate and control. This provision would make more resources available to the housing needs of domestic violence survivors with pets, while providing law enforcement with tools for protecting them from their abusers.
  • Section 12521 of the Senate bill and Section 11613 of the House Bill, which prohibit the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption and provide a much-needed tool against the brutality and public health dangers of the dog and cat meat trade and ensure that stolen pets or stray animals are not killed for this purpose.
  • Section 11616 of the House Bill, which would close a loophole in the Animal Welfare Act by outlawing the cruel sport of cockfighting regardless of where it occurs.


Urge them to REJECT the following provisions:

  • Sections 1170 1 and 11702, also known as the King amendment, which would deny states the authority to set animal welfare standards within their own boarders.
  • Section 8303, which would exempt the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management from being required to consult with the US Fish and Wildlife Service about threats a proposed project may have a listed species or critical habitat.
  • Section 8503, which would remove requirements for the Forest Service to take potential harm to protected species into account when moving forward with a project.chick_flickr_Andy_Purviance_2.jpg

Let’s not stand by as animal protections are whittled away! Contact your U.S. Representative and Senators Cruz and Cornyn and urge them to support a Farm Bill that will safeguard animal welfare, by including and removing the provisions as outlined above. Click here to look up your Rep. in Congress. (Select "Congressional" on the drop down menu to determine your Rep. 

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless! 

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