Animal Welfare Advocates Praise New Law

Our state’s second-largest newspaper didn’t just write a wonderful article about the animal cruelty bill we passed in the Legislature this session. The Houston Chronicle named THLN in the second paragraph of this story as the organization whose work with DA offices across Texas resulted in the passage of the bill!

“Senate Bill 762 is the result of work between district attorney's offices and the Texas Humane Legislation Network, an organization that works with legislators and law enforcement entities.”

The Houston Chronicle goes on to quote our executive director, Laura Donahue, on what passage of this bill means – for animals and for our communities.

“Donahue said the law may help safeguard the public against those who may pose a danger to people as well as animals. 

‘The research is in,’ she said. ‘There's no more speculation whether or not people who torture animals oftentimes see those crimes accelerate to injuring people. Serial killers, school shooters - many of these people began by torturing animals. The FBI recognizes these traits as precursors to aggressive behavior. By penalizing people for committing these very serious acts against animals, it's like a red flag.’”

Read the full article here. (If you do not have a subscription, your first article should still be free!)

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