An Exciting New Era For Texas Animals!

I'm honored to serve you as the new Executive Director of the Texas Humane Legislation Network! I'm humbled to be a part of this organization's proud, 40-year old tradition of fighting for laws that protect Texas animals from abuse and neglect.

It is because of you that we have forged so many legislative victories for animals and it is because of you that we will eventually break the chains of cruelty for good. I am asking for your help, your input, and for financial support as well, not just so we can fight, but so we can win.

In the last decade I've gathered signatures for ballot initiatives in the Midwest, founded a Political Action Committee in Virginia, and served as a political consultant in our nation's capital. I've spent countless hours rescuing dogs from heavy chains - but I soon realized without strong laws in place, abusers would continue to replace that animal at the end of the chain we just broke. 

While our tremendous partner (501c3) rescue groups continue to help animals in crisis, we at the Texas Humane Legislation Network - a 501c4 - are working to stop abuse before it starts. Our IRS status as a 501c4 allows us to be different. We are the only Texas-based organization that can lobby without limits, engage in bi-partisan political campaigns and hold elected officials accountable. The more humane law-makers in office the better our calls to action will resonate!

For decades this Network has long served as the lone political voice in our Lone Star State, ending cruel practices such as gas chambers and regulating puppy mills. With your help we will build on this legacy. Our life-saving campaign is only as strong as our collective voice. Be counted and get active now by joining one of our local chapters, or donating critical dollars to help us provide free animal advocacy seminars across our state. Your support is needed now.

I'm at your service and ready to link arms with you. Stay tuned for our humane legislator endorsements in the coming days and how you can help ring in a new era for the animals. Let's show our lawmakers that everything is bigger in Texas - and our Humane Network is the best!

For the animals,


Laura Donahue
Executive Director
[email protected]